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Our instructors are Polestar Pilates® Trained and certified. Classes are designed for all fitness levels, including those who have injuries.


Benefits of Pilates:


Pilates can be very effective in relieving back pain because it strengthens deep muscles that stabilize your spine, helps distribute forces along the entire spine and improves your posture and your body mechanics.

We teach a more contemporary type of Pilates that has some modifications based on the latest research in strengthening principles and rehabilitation. This is a Polestar-affiliated facility, and we are also a host studio for Polestar Pilates Education.

 Polestar Pilates was founded over 30 years ago by a physical therapist, Brent Anderson, PT, PhD, OCS, NCPT.  Polestar Pilates is based on rehabilitation and movement science.

Yes. Clients have seen an increase in bone density with a Pilates program because Pilates increases muscle mass within a safe range of motion. For osteoporosis, we will avoid spine flexion exercises.  Strengthening is very important for spine health and the resistance provided by the springs in the equipment is essential.  There are also many weight-bearing exercises that will be included in your program.

Yes. Pilates is very effective for improving the strength of your spine and avoiding progression in your curves.  It promotes the elongation of your spine, strengthens your spine stabilizers, expands your ribcage in the right places, and improves your posture. Some precautions to consider are avoiding spine flexion exercises in the upper back (thoracic spine), and end ranges of side bending or rotation. There are many Pilates exercises that are beneficial for clients with scoliosis and many report a significant improvement in their quality of life.

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Expert Instructor and Physical Therapist Roxy Molina-Lopez teaching Private Pilates at Myofascial Healing Center

Roxy Molina-Lopez, MSPT, NCPT

Pilates Instructor Maria at Myofascial Healing Center Juno Beach

Maria Risolia

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Marianne Storath

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