Private Pilates

Private Pilates Classes

One-on-One or Duo Instruction

Expert Instructors & Physical Therapists

Polestar® Affiliated Center

Private Pilates Appointments

Private Pilates Classes are available by appointment. 

Call 561-476-0440 to schedule a private Pilates Session.

Individual Class

with Master Instructor

$ 125
  • Master Instructor

Individual Class

with Movement Specialist

$ 100
  • Movement Specialist


10 visits (Master Instructor)           $1200

10 visits (Movement Specialist)    $950

Call 561-476-0440 to schedule

Experience The Difference

Individualized Class • Instructor Feedback • Personalized Fitness

Strength From The Inside Out

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Group Pilates Classes

Group Pilates Classes are available. 

Call 561-476-0440 for more details.

Private Pilates Packages

Private Pilates Packages are available. 

 Call 561-476-0440 for more details