Private Pilates

Private Pilates Classes

One-on-One or Duo Instruction

Expert Instructors & Physical Therapists

Polestar® Affiliated Center

Private Pilates Appointments

Private Pilates Classes are available by appointment. 

Call 561-476-0440 to schedule a private Pilates Session.


with Movement Specialist

$ 210
  • Movement Specialist

Individual Class

with Movement Specialist

$ 100
  • Movement Specialist

Experience The Difference

Individualized Class • Instructor Feedback • Personalized Fitness

Strength From The Inside Out

Our Instructors

Expert Instructor and Physical Therapist Roxy Molina-Lopez teaching Private Pilates at Myofascial Healing Center

Roxy Molina-Lopez, MSPT, NCPT

Pilates Instructor Maria at Myofascial Healing Center Juno Beach

Maria Risolia

Pilates Instructor Marianne at Myofascial Healing Center Juno Beach

Marianne Storath

Duo Pilates Classes

Duo Pilates Classes are available. 

Call 561-476-0440 for more details.

Private Pilates Packages

Private Pilates available. 

 Call 561-476-0440 for more details