Functional Medicine

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Functional Medicine

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Food As Medicine

Now more than ever we know that what we eat affects our brain, immune system, digestion and overall health. Finding ways to eat real food that fits you is the first step to feeling good

Gut/ Digestive Health

About 70% of your immune system lives in your gut. Assessing your gut health combined with a personalize diet and lifestyle plan to ease digestive issues is my specialty​

Immune Support

Getting to the root cause of why your body is out of balance is the key to Functional Medicine. Using assessments tools and specialized plans, I can help you support your immune health​

Reducing Inflammation

Most every diagnosis or disease is based in inflammation. Research says if we can reduce inflammation, we feel better. Getting to root causes to rebalance/reduce the inflammatory response is a hallmark of the work I do. ​

Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Functional Medicine Holly Niles Myofascial Healing Center Juno Beach

Holly Niles, MS, CNS, LDN, IFMCP, CFSP


  • MS (Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition)
  • LDN (Licensed Clinical Nutritionist)
  • CNS (Certified Nutrition Specialist)
  • IFMCP (Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner)
  • CFSP (Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner)
  • Heartmath Interventions Practitioner
  • Professional level Yoga and Pilates Teacher
  • Yoga Therapy Practitioner and consultant


  • Functional Nutritionist at Dr. Mark Hyman’s UltraWellness Center
  • More than 30 years  experience with Integrative Medicine

Strengthen Your Immune System

Food as Medicine Functional Medicine Myofascial Healing Center Juno Beach

Connecting Food As Medicine

The practice of functional nutrition puts an emphasis on food choices.  However, when diet alone is addressed, it compartmentalizes our wholeness, limiting its effects. Our bodies’ imbalances can be linked to not only our diet but many other factors including our lifestyle, medical history, belief systems and our emotions. When we expand our view to include the full spectrum of our being we discover both wisdom and important information to guide us to wholeness. My approach includes a complete analysis of diet and lifestyle along with step by step program of practical ways to transform your health.  

Whether you prefer an individual comprehensive consultation, an online education program or a group wellness plan,  there is an option for you.  Individual sessions can be scheduled in person or by phone or HIPPA compliant video chat.  Online or virtual programs can be conducted at your own pace.   All clients  receive a variety of support material (meals plans, recipes, lifestyle tools, etc.) depending on their plan.  My goal is to make change accessible step by step.    Functional Medicine Specialty Tests and Nutraceutical Quality Professional Supplements are also available 

What People Are Saying About Holly

“I met with the nutritionist Holly several times and am so pleased with the small additions she did to my diet. I saw her because I had no energy and was just feeling older than my 54 years. She conducted a thorough review of my history, and added supplements, advice on adding protein, cutting inflammatory foods and within a month I felt an incredible improvement. I feel stronger, energized and less foggy. Highly suggest her to anyone needing nutritional help. “
"After listening attentively to my concerns and then analyzing my test results, Holly came up with a comprehensive plan to ease my chronic gastrointestinal distress. She recommended great quality supplements and food products as well as guiding me through an elimination diet (I sure do hate that name!) to identify my food sensitivities. Her approach was refreshing compared to years of doctors' diagnoses and their recommendations for medications, invasive testing, and surgery. I now eat more fruit and veggies than ever before, and I use organic products as much as possible. And I feel soooo much better!"

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